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Tax Calendar

The tax calendar is the schedule of property tax activities. Some dates are fixed by law, while others are tied to events, such as the chief appraiser must notify property owners in writing about increased or new appraisals so owners may have a chance to protest. This is usually mid-March but it could be later. The deadline for the property owner to file a protest is tied to the date the notice is mailed.

The tax calendar consists of 4 phases.

  • Appraisal Jan. 1 through May 15. Central Appraisal Districts compile a list of taxable property in their boundaries, inspect it as needed, appraise it and apply any necessary exemptions.

  • Equalization May 15 through July 25. Gives taxpayers the opportunity to get concerns of the values addressed by filing a protest.

  • Assessment July 25 through October 1. Governing body determines how much revenue it will need, the taxing unit sets the tax rate and the assessor prepares and mails tax bills.

  • Collections October 1 through Jan. 31 of the following year. Taxes that have been billed are collected and deposited. The taxes are due as soon as the taxpayer receives the bill and it usually becomes delinquent on Feb. 1 of the next year. Penalties are assessed by the tax collector if payments are delinquent.

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