Physical Condition

In general, the physical condition is a rating which is intended to reflect a judgment of the overall physical condition of the dwelling relative to its age and considers the level of maintenance that you would normally expect to find in a dwelling of a given age. Physical condition ratings are established for all residential properties and are based on appraisal experience and judgment. The rating scale runs from 6 (lowest; unsound) to 1 (highest; excellent). A dwelling with a physical condition rating of 3 (average) is a dwelling that shows signs of normal "wear and tear" and exhibits an ordinary standard of maintenance and upkeep relative to its age. It is the benchmark from which the physical condition factor is adjusted upward or downward.

Residential Physical Conditions (PCR):

1. Excellent
2. Good
3. Average
4. Fair
5. Poor
6. Unsound

Commercial Physical Conditions (PC)

0. Unsound
1. Poor 
2. Fair
3. Avg/Normal
4. Good
5. Rehab

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