Board of Directors
 Ed Heathcott, Chairman
 Glenn E. Peters, Asst. Secretary
 Wanda Adams
 Pete Pape
 Al Odom
 Jim Robinson
 Ann Harris Bennett

Chief Appraiser
 Roland Altinger
Taxpayer Liaison Officer
 Teresa S. Terry

Harris County Appraisal District
13013 Northwest Freeway
Houston, Texas 77040-6305

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Saturday Hearings in
June, July and August

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Monday - Friday
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Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday
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01/12/2017 Required AG Valuation Application
01/10/2017 Deferred Property Tax Payments
01/03/2017 HCAD Mailing Homestead Exemption Confirmations
12/12/2016 BOD Agenda (12/14/2016)
11/10/2016 BOD Agenda (11/16/2016)

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Most Requested Forms
Homestead Exemption: General Residential, Over-65, Disability,
Over-55 Surviving Spouse
Notice of Protest Standard
Request to Correct Name or Address on a Real Property Account Standard
Internet Opt Out Standard
Removal of Agent Standard
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Consumer Alerts
The Attorney General for the State of Texas has taken action against O'Connor & Associates resulting in an Agreed Final Judgment and Permanent Injunction.
Community Housing Development Organization Property Capitalization Rate
HCAD Warns Homeowners to be Wary of Homestead Designation and Unclaimed Money Solicitations

Requests For Proposals

2016-13 Mailing Services
2016-12 Commercial Vehicle Values
2016-11 Data Entry of Renditions
2016-10 Facilities Maintenance
2016-09 Custom Envelopes
2016-08 Janitorial Supplies
2016-07 Parcel Fabric Migration
2016-05 Toners
2016-04 Stairwell RFP (CLOSED)

Mailing Services
RFP 2016-13

Commercial Vehicle Values
RFQ 2016-12

Data Entry of Renditions
RFQ 2016-11

Facilities Maintenance
RFP 2016-10
Bidders List
Site Visit Attendees

Custom Envelopes
RFP 2016-09

Janitorial Supplies
RFP 2016-08

Parcel Fabric Migration
RFCSP 2016-07
Parcel Fabric Migration (Questions and Responses)
Bidders List

RFP 2016-05

Stairwell RFP (CLOSED)
RFCSP 2016-04
Stairwell (Questions and Responses)
Bidders List
GEO Report
Pump & Fan Motor Controls
On August 17, 2016, the board of directors of Harris County Appraisal District awarded David .E. Harvey Builders, Inc. a contract for RFCSP2016-04, the Stairwell Project.

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